January 4, 2011

In Which I Confess To An Addiction

Hi, I'm Nancie, and I'm addicted to the New York Times. A print subscriber since birth, I mastered the subway fold at age 10. I've had the paper delivered in every city I've ever lived in. I have the Times apps for my iPhone and my new iPad (thank you, Santa), and just in case that's not enough of "all the news that's fit to print," it's my homepage. (Disclosure: They've quoted me several times too.) My habit's so bad that Twitter has run out of Times writers, editors and sections to recommend to me.

So I feel justified in nitpicking occasionally. Like today's story about schools giving kids iPads (nice job, Apple PR team!). Which followed yesterday's piece bemoaning the lack of adequate WiFi at tech conferences and in other group settings. You'd think someone besides me would notice the connection, and wonder if the schools were adequately prepared.

Does this mean I read the "paper" (even though I actually read it on paper less and less) more carefully than its editors? Or is that like a saloon habitué critiquing the bartenders?

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